The Mobile Carrier Price War and What it Means to You

If you think wireless service plans are confusing, you’re not alone. Is it possible to get a plan that is reasonably priced without sacrificing on quality?  With all the carriers at war on pricing,  are you  wondering if you can save money without losing quality? With Gen Mobile, you absolutely can

Buyer Beware

Many companies out there are making crazy claims about their pricing. They’ll bait customers with introductory first month costs that are too good to be true or they’ll offer a free service all the while finding ways to lay a big fee on you when you’re not looking.  That’s not ok.  If it’s a good price it’s worth exploring. But make sure you know what you are getting. The price may be good but how much data are they really offering. Unlimited? Impossible. They’ll throttle you for too much usage. Also, if the price is great, make sure you’re not being forced to use a VOIP dialer which often has poor sound quality. As for speed, that could be iffy as well. When your shopping, make sure you check the reviews to ensure that you are getting good quality and LTE speeds. Some carriers offer lower pricing but only offer 3G speeds.  

But, the team at Gen Mobile doesn’t play these games.  The great prices and data limitations are clear.  And the quality is on the Sprint Nationwide Network including true voice service and full LTE speeds. 

Good fast and Cheap

                                                                                                  The Good Fast Cheap Challenge

Is Good, Fast, and Cheap Impossible?

As a customer, you want good service that’s affordable. You want your calls and data to be fast, and you want the quality of all your touch points to be outstanding. Nothing wrong with that.  But many believe that Good, Fast, and Cheap, just does not exist.

How can Gen Mobile be Good, Fast, and Cheap?

We don’t profess to be perfect. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t working toward it. Gen Mobile has made it our mission to be The Best Deal in Wireless. We have an experienced team that is dedicated to finding cost effective ways to deliver high quality wireless service to our customers.  We offer 1-month and 3-month plan options at great prices. If you opt in for a 3 month plan you can save up to 20% a month. There is also zero risk since everything comes with a 7-day money back guarantee. After your initial purchase of 1 or 3 months, you can continue at the same price, downgrade to one month, or just cancel. No risk and all upside!

Gen Is a Ten!

Gen Mobile is a new carrier looking to bring you the Best Deal in Wireless. If you decide to join the Gen Mobile family, we think you’re going to love it. In fact, we think you’ll love it enough to make Gen Mobile your permanent carrier. Give us a try and take 5% off your order using promo code WO5OFF.

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