How to Choose Your Next Carrier

Have you seen the advertising?  You can get free data as much as you want.  Download “Game of Thrones” and the full Marvel series and while you’re at it email that new special someone you met at the grocery store shopping for Apples.  How about free phones with gigabytes?  Then you have the cutesy characters used as a ploy to leave an impression on your mind.  Dirty as a fox.  Enough!  If you’re anything like me and, by me, I mean a frustrated consumer, then you are absolutely sick of the bombardment of bad ads, confusing offerings with bait and switch plans from all the carriers big and small.  But wait!  Why bash on these great big established companies that provide in some cases good service?  Because we should.  Your mobile carrier should be scrutinized before you decide to continue or switch.  The three important questions you should be asking are:

  1. What does my plan include?                
  2. When does my data get throttled?
  3. How difficult is it to cancel?

If you’re considering Gen Mobile as your next carrier allow us to be upfront by simply answering these questions.

So, what does Gen Mobile’s plans include?   Data is getting expensive….especially unlimited.  Carriers pay a lot to run data through their towers.  Sure, it’s an invisible commodity but there are some real hard costs that go along with providing data.  Electricity, maintenance, expansion, R&D and a whole host of other hard expenses.  This all rolls down to the consumer in the form of $X per Gigabyte.  The going rate is anywhere between $10 and $15 per Gigabyte.  At Gen Mobile, you can get data on plans starting at $10.  This plan includes 300 minutes, unlimited text, and 1 GB.  You can also buy plans with unlimited talk and text, more data, and international calling for $15 for 1 GB, $20 for 2 GB, and $25 for 3 GB.  Plans are even less expensive if you are willing to pay for 3-months at time.  So, if you were looking for a 2 GB plan with unlimited global talk & text, it’s just $16 a month for 3 months.  That’s a 20% discount.  Not a bad deal at all.


Pick your data plan

When do I get throttled?  The behemoths will claim “unlimited everything.”  But the truth is that’s not possible.  Imagine if everyone on the unlimited plans decided to simultaneously download the Warner Brother’s movie library from 1923 to present.  Yeah, that would be a broken network.  Truth is the big carriers have a fair usage policy and if they feel like you’re using too much data they’ll throttle you down to such a slow speed you’ll likely start using your phone as a doorstop.  On the bright side, Gen Mobile doesn’t throttle data.  Why?  Because we offer specific amounts from 1 – 3 GB.  And you can always buy more data for $10 per GB as you need it.  Our service is geared for folks who use moderate data and enjoy talking and texting. Not for everyone, but those who have specific data needs and easy access to WiFi, are perfect for our service.  And they save hundreds if not thousands every year by joining Gen Mobile.

How about cancelling? Carriers, of course, don’t want you to cancel and some make it very difficult.  The big carriers try to lock you into a long-term contract which takes away all of your leverage.  Don’t do it.  You’re always better off engaging short-term month to month or 3-month agreements.  That way you can always renegotiate or cancel. At Gen Mobile we offer what you would call prepaid plans. This is a great way to protect your cost exposure and gives you the power to continue or quit. In contrast, the large carriers will lock you into 1, 2- or 3-year contracts which could cost you thousands in the long run. Then when you want to switch, they’ll send you on a cosmic scavenger hunt that will be guaranteed to frustrate you.

Look at your current plan and see if it makes sense. Are you paying for unlimited data when you really don’t need it? Do you have ready access to WiFi most places you go?  Then stop paying too much for your wireless bill.  Gen Mobile provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for those on a budget or looking to simplify their plans. If you’re already on Sprint, Boost, or Virgin, you can easily switch to Gen Mobile.  Also, we are compatible with most Verizon phones and universal unlock phone. Gen also gives you a 7-day money back guarantee no questions asked.  Quit the big carrier game and consider us as your next-Gen solution!

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