USING YOUR PHONE WITH A HEARING AID COMPATIBLE DEVICE AND TTY. Wireless phones offered for sale or provided with Gen Mobile services have been tested for hearing aid device compatibility. When some wireless phones are used with certain hearing aid devices, including hearing aids and cochlear implants, users may detect a noise that may interfere with the effectiveness of the hearing aid device. Some hearing aid devices are more immune than others to this interference, and phones may also vary in the amount of interference noise that may be generated. ANSI standard C63.19 was created to provide a standardized method of measuring both wireless phones and hearing aid devices to determine usability ratings. Ratings have been created for wireless phones to assist hearing aid device users in finding phones that may be compatible with their hearing aid device. Not all phones have been rated for compatibility with hearing aid devices and these ratings are not guarantees. Results may vary depending on the user’s hearing aid device, individual model or type, and degree of hearing loss. If a hearing aid device is particularly vulnerable to interference noise, even a phone with a higher rating may still cause unacceptable noise levels in the hearing aid device. Trying out the phone with your hearing aid device is the best way to evaluate it for your personal needs and use.

Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) Rating.  The FCC has developed a rating system for wireless phones regarding their HAC-related performance. This rating helps consumers who are hard of hearing or with hearing disabilities to find phones that will work well with their hearing aid devices. The HAC-rating and measurement procedure are described in the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) C63.19:2007. ANSI C63.19 contains two (2) rating standards: an “M” rating from 1 to 4 for hearing aid devices operating in microphone mode and a “T” rating from 1 to 4 for hearing aid devices operating in telecoil mode. M-Ratings: Phones rated M3 or M4 meet FCC requirements for hearing aid device compatibility and are likely to generate less interference noise to hearing aid devices than unrated phones. (M4 is the better/higher of the two ratings.) T-Ratings: Phones rated T3 or T4 meet FCC requirements and are likely to be more usable with a hearing aid device’s telecoil (“T Switch” or “Telephone Switch”) than unrated phones. (T4 is the better/higher of the two ratings. Note that not all hearing aid devices have telecoils in them.) A combination of M-rating and T-rating defines the final HAC-rating and is a deciding factor in selecting wireless phones for people with hearing problems. A HAC-compliant phone could be rated: M3/T3, M3/T4, M4/T3, or M4/T4. Hearing aid devices may also be measured for immunity to interference noise from wireless phones and should have ratings similar to phones. Ask your hearing healthcare professional for the rating of your hearing aid. Add the rating of your hearing aid device and your phone to determine probable usability: any combined rating equal to or greater than six offers excellent use, any combined rating equal to five is considered normal use, or any combined rating equal to four is considered usable. Thus, if you pair an M3 hearing aid with an M3 phone, you will have a combined rating of six for “excellent use.” T ratings can be combined in the same manner.

To find out more information regarding hearing aid compatibility for handset models, please visit: Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative (

Device List.  This table lists the hearing aid compatibility ratings for currently available Gen Mobile phones. Because user experiences are varied and highly individualized, Gen Mobile recommends customers try several hearing aid compatible phones to determine which phone will work best for them.

This list was last updated February 8, 2022.

Manufacturer Model Name Make & Model FCC ID M Rating T Rating
Alcatel  Cinch Alcatel Cinch RAD556 M3 T4
Alcatel  Dawn Alcatel Dawn 2ACCJB053 M4 T3
Alcatel  Fling Alcatel Fling RAD556 M3 N/A
Alcatel  Go Flip Alcatel Go Flip 2ACCJN010 M4 T3
Alcatel  Go Flip V Alcatel Go Flip V 2ACCJN030 M4 T4
Alcatel Smartflip Alcatel Smartfilp 2ACCJN031 M4 T4
Alcatel  One Touch Fling Alcatel One Touch Fling RAD506 M4 T4
Apple  iPhone 4S Apple iPhone 4S BCG-E2430A M3 T3
Apple  iPhone 5 Apple iPhone 5 BCGE2599A M3 T4
Apple  iPhone 5C Apple iPhone 5C BCG-E2644A M3 T4
Apple  iPhone 5S Apple iPhone 5S BCG-E2642A M3 T4
Apple  iPhone 6 Apple iPhone 6 BCG-E2816A M3 T4
Apple  iPhone 6 Plus Apple iPhone 6 Plus BCG-E2817A M3 T4
Apple  iPhone 6S Apple iPhone 6S BCG-E2946A M3 T4
Apple  iPhone 6S Plus Apple iPhone 6S Plus BCG-E2944A M3 T4
Apple  iPhone 7 Apple iPhone 7 BCG-E3091A M3 T4
Apple  iPhone 7 Plus Apple iPhone 7 Plus BCG-E3087A M3 T4
Apple  iPhone 8 Apple iPhone 8 BCG-E3174A M3 T4
Apple  iPhone 8 Plus Apple iPhone 8 Plus BCG-E3160A M3 T4
Apple  iPhone SE Apple iPhone SE BEG-E3042A M3 T4
Apple  iPhone X Apple iPhone X BCG-E3161A M3 T4
Coolpad Arise Coolpad Arise R38YL5560S M4 T4
Coolpad Illumina Coolpad Illumina R38YL3310A M4 T3
Coolpad Legacy Brisa Coolpad Legacy Brisa R38YLCP3706AS M4 T4
Coolpad Belleza Coolpad Belleza R38YLCP3321AT M3 T4
Coolpad Snap Coolpad Snap R38YL3312A  M4 T3
Google Pixel Google Pixel NM8G2PW4100 M4 T4
Google Pixel 2 XL Google Pixel 2 XL ZNFG011C M4 T3
HTC One A9 HTC One A9 NM82PQ9300 M3 T3
HTC One SV HTC One SV NM8PL8012 0 M4 T3
Kazuna eTalk Kazuna eTalk 2ASCR-KAZUNA M4 T4
Kyocera Adreno S2400 Kyocera Adreno S2400 OVF-K33BI01 M3 T4
Kyocera  Brio Kyocera Brio V65S3015 M4 T4
Kyocera  Domino Kyocera Domino OVFK33BIC04 M4 T4
Kyocera  DuraCore Kyocera DuraCore V65E4210 M4 T4
Kyocera  DuraMax Kyocera DuraMax V65E4255 M4 T4
Kyocera  DuraPlus Kyocera DuraPlus V65E4233 M4 T4
Kyocera  DuraXT Kyocera DuraXT V65E4255 M4 T4
Kyocera  DuraXTP Kyocera DuraXTP V65E4281 M4 T4
Kyocera  Hydro Kyocera Hydro V65C5170 M4 T4
Kyocera  Hydro Edge Kyocera Hydro Edge V65C5215 M4 T4
Kyocera  Hydro Reach Kyocera Hydro Reach V65C6743 M4 T4
Kyocera  Kona Kyocera Kona V65S2151 M4 T4
Kyocera  Loft Kyocera Loft OVF-K5301 M4 T4
Kyocera  Rally Kyocera Rally V65S1370 M3 T3
Kyocera  S2100 Luno Kyocera S2100 Luno OVF-K5502 M4 T4
Kyocera  Torque XT Kyocera Torque XT V65E6710 M4 T3
Kyocera  Verve Kyocera Verve V65S3150 M4 T3
LG  Flare LG Flare BEJLX160 M4 N/A
LG  G3 LG G3 ZNFLS990 M4 T3
LG  G4 LG G4 ZNFUS991 M3 T3
LG  G5 LG G5 ZNFH820 M3 T3
LG  G6 LG G6 ZNFH871 M4 T3
LG  K3 LG K3 ZNFLS450 M3 T3
LG  K40 LG K40 ZNFX420QM M3 T3
LG  LX295 LG LX295 BEJLX295 M3 T4
LG  LX400 LG LX400 BEJLX400 M3 T3
LG  Muziq LG Muziq BEJLX570 M4 T4
LG  Optimus S LG Optimus S BEJLS670 M4 T4
LG  Revere VN150 LG Revere VN150 BEJVN150 M4 T4
LG  Rumor Scoop LG Rumor Scoop BEJLX260 M3 T3
LG  Saber LG Saber BEJUN200 M4 T4
LG  Stylo 2 LG Stylo 2 ZNFLS775 M3 T4
LG  Stylo 3 LG Stylo 3 ZNFLS777 M3 T3
LG  Tribute 2 LG Tribute 2 ZNFLS665 M4 T4
LG  Tribute Dynasty LG Tribute Dynasty ZNFSP200 M4 T3
LG  Tribute HD LG Tribute HD ZNFLS676 M3 T3
LG  V40 ThinQ LG V40 ThinQ ZNFV405UA M4 T3
LG  VM-101 LG VM-101 BEJVM101 M4 T4
LG  Xpower LG Xpower ZNFLS755 M3 T4
Maxwest Neo Flip LTE Maxwest Neo Flip LTE 2ASP8NEOFLIPLTE N/A N/A
Maxwest Nitro 55C Maxwest Nitro 55C 2ASP8NITRO55C N/A N/A
Motorola  Moto E (2nd) Motorola Moto E (2nd) IHDT56QC7 M3 T3
Motorola  Moto E4 Motorola Moto E4 IHDT56WC1 M3 T3
Motorola  Moto G Motorola Moto G IHDT56QG1 M4 T3
Motorola  Moto G4 Motorola Moto G4 IHDR56VA5 M4 T4
Motorola  Rambler Motorola Rambler IHDT56LQ1 M4 T4
Motorola  RAZR V3C Motorola RAZR V3C IHDT56HJ1 M3 T3
Motorola  RAZR VE20 Motorola RAZR VE20 IHDT56JM1 M4 T4
Motorola  Renegade V950 Motorola Renegade V950 IHDT56JA1 M4 T4
Motorola  SLVR Motorola SLVR IHDT56GQ1 M4 T4
Motorola  W385 Motorola W385 IHDT56HC1 M4 T4
Motorola  XPRT Motorola XPRT IHDP56LK1 M3 T3
Orbic Journey V Orbic Journey V 2ABGH-RC2200L M3 T4
Palm Pre Palm Pre O8F-CASC M4 T3
Pantech Wrangler Pantech Wrangler U46‐CDM2080 M3 T3
Samsung Galaxy A10E Samsung Galaxy A10E A3LAT1K01-A10 M3 T3
Samsung Ace Samsung Ace A3LSPHA900 N/A N/A
Samsung  Array Samsung Array A3LSPHM3 90 M3 T4
Samsung  Convoy Samsung Convoy A3LSCHU640 M4 T4
Samsung  Convoy 2 Samsung Convoy 2 A3LSCHU660 M4 T4
Samsung  Convoy 3 Samsung Convoy 3 A3LSCHU680 M4 T4
Samsung  Convoy 4 Samsung Convoy 4 A3LSMB690V M3 T4
Samsung  Entro Samsung Entro A3LSPHM270 M4 T4
Samsung  Epic Samsung Epic A3LSPHD700 M4 T4
Samsung  Galaxy A6 Samsung Galaxy A6 A3LSMA600P M4 T3
Samsung  Galaxy J3 Emerge Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge A3LSMJ327P M3 T3
Samsung  Galaxy Note 5 Samsung Galaxy Note 5 A3LSMN920P M4 T3
Samsung  Galaxy Prevail Samsung Galaxy Prevail A3LSPHM820 M4 T4
Samsung  Galaxy Rush Samsung Galaxy Rush A3LSPHM830 M4 T4
Samsung  Galaxy S III Samsung Galaxy S III A3LSPHL710 M4 T4
Samsung  Galaxy S5 Samsung Galaxy S5 A3LSMG900F M3 T3
Samsung  Galaxy S6 Samsung Galaxy S6 A3LSMG920V M4 T3
Samsung  Galaxy S7 Samsung Galaxy S7 A3LSMG930F M4 T3
Samsung  Galaxy S7 Edge Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge A3LSMG935F M4 T3
Samsung  Galaxy S8 Samsung Galaxy S8 A3LSMG950F M4 T3
Samsung  Galaxy S8 Plus Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus A3LSMG950F M4 T3
Samsung  Galaxy S9 Samsung Galaxy S9 A3LSMG960U M4 T3
Samsung  Galaxy S9 Plus Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus A3LSMG965U M4 T3
Samsung  Gusto Samsung Gusto A3LSCHU360  M4 T4
Samsung  J7 Refine Samsung J7 Refine A3LSMJ737A M3 T3
Samsung  M220 Samsung M220 A3LSPHM220 M4 T4
Samsung  M240 Samsung M240 A3LSPHM240 M4 T4
Samsung  M300 Samsung M300 A3LSPHM300 M4 T4
Samsung  M320 Samsung M320 A3LSPHM320 M4 T4
Samsung  M360 Samsung M360 A3LSPHM360 M4 T4
Samsung  M400 Samsung M400 A3LSPHM400 M4 T4
Samsung  M500 Samsung M500 A3LSPHM500 M4 T4
Samsung  M520 Samsung M520 A3LSPHM520 M4 N/A
Samsung  Mantra Samsung Mantra A3LSPHM340 M4 T4
Samsung  Replenish Samsung Replenish A3LSPHM580 M4 T3
Samsung  Restore  Samsung Restore  A3LSPHM570 M4 T3
Samsung  Slash Samsung Slash A3LSPHM310 M4 T4
Samsung  SPH-A640 Samsung SPH-A640 A3LSPHA640S M3 N/A
Samsung  SPH-M510 Samsung SPH-M510 A3LSPHM510 M3 N/A
Samsung  SPH-M610 Samsung SPH-M610 A3LSPHM610 M4 N/A
Samsung  Transform Ultra Samsung Transform Ultra A3LSPHM930 M4 N/A
Sanyo  Katana Sanyo Katana AEZSCP3800 M4 T4
Sanyo  Pro-700 Sanyo Pro-700 AEZSCPPRO700 M4 T4
Sanyo  SCP-3200 Sanyo SCP-3200 AEZSCP-32H M4 T4
Sanyo  Taho Sanyo Taho V65E4100 M4 T4
Sanyo  Vero Sanyo Vero V65SCP-3820 M4 T4
Unimax U683CL Unimax U683CL P46-U683CL M3 T4
ZTE  Blade Max 2 ZTE Blade Max 2 SRQ-Z6410S M4 T3
ZTE  Cymbal T ZTE Cymbal T SRQ-Z353VL M4 T4
ZTE  Cymbal Z-320 ZTE Cymbal Z-320 SRQ-Z320 M4 T4
ZTE  Flash ZTE Flash Q78-ZTEN9500 M4 T4
ZTE  Max XL ZTE Max XL SRQ-N9517  M4 T3
ZTE  Quest ZTE Quest SRQ-ZTEN817 M4 T3
ZTE  Quest 5 ZTE Quest 5 SRQ-Z3351S M4 T3

TTY (also known as TDD or Text Telecommunication Device) is a telecommunications device that allows people who are deaf, hearing-impaired, or who have speech or language disabilities to communicate by telephone. If you have a digital wireless device that is TTY-compatible, you can make calls, including 911 calls, with a TTY.