Bring Your Own Phone Plans That Will Save You Money

Harken to the dark days when utility providers were few and bills large. You carried around a cell phone that resembled a mason’s brick, clipped it on your belt and went about your merry way. If you were lucky you would finish a semi-audible conversion but mostly you put up with robotic sounding voices, dropped calls, the pain of your own echo and notoriously bad service. The big carriers gouged and locked you and many still do. But for most, thankfully those practices are truly auld lang syne. Smaller carriers provide a level of flexibility and good service to consumers and why not? The folks who run Gen Mobile get it. They come from big carriers and saw firsthand the opportunity to bring to consumers a new customer-first service that addressed all the pain points and saving you money by letting you keep your phone. 

The bring your own phone (BYOP) concept is still new in terms of telecommunication offerings and more people are opting into services that allow this. Gen Mobile has positioned themselves as a “bring your own” friendly company that strives to serve as many customers looking to break free from the constraints of their current carriers and take advantage of wholesale costs designed specifically for customers who want a killer deal, great quality and customer service so good it feels like mom’s comfort food. That’s Gen Mobile and what they stand for. But the BYOP process is still a black box to many and understandably so. No one has done a good job to date explaining how it works. Well dear reader, I guess you know what comes next. The how and then the why. Oh, and I promise not to wrap it up with a big “buy now” pitch. We’ll leave that decision up to you. So here goes…

Gen Mobile service is diverse and can service most people. If you are with Sprint, Boost, and Virgin mobile then you’re going to find the process super easy. First you choose your plan. Plans range from $5 on up. Many people are taking advantage of our $15 plan because it gives you global calling and texting with a gig of data. Once you order the plan give us a call. We’ll have someone on the phone for you Monday – Saturday 9 – 6 PST. If talking to a really cool stranger that wants to help you isn’t your jam, then message us on the website. Just click the little red talky icon in the bottom right corner. We have made bringing your own Sprint, Boost, and Virgin phone to Gen Mobile really as simple as a click and phone call. The only caveat is if you have a locked phone or are in a contract. If you are not sure, you can call your carrier and request the unlock on your device provided you are not under contract. Feel free to contact our customer service gurus if you have any questions.

What about Verizon and universal devices?  Many of these devices also can move to Gen Mobile including most iPhones! See our list of compatible devices here:  Same rules apply but you need to get a SIM card from us. Once you pick your plan, we’ll ship you the SIM card. Just contact us when you receive it and we can assist you with activation.

Cheap Mobile Plans

If you love your phone and hate your carrier come to Gen Mobile. Our plans are simple, straight-forward and provide you with quality that the others just can’t match. The plans we love include our $10 plan with 300 minutes, unlimited texts, and 1GB plan. This is perfect for the heavy texter on the go that really isn’t up for stressing the vocal chords. I’m a personal fan and participant of the $15 unlimited global talk, text and 1gb of data plan. If you use more data there are higher level plans that match your needs. Rest assured you can plan to bring your own phone to Gen Mobile. You’ll find a happy home with us without the “buy now” pitch.



Cynthia said:

Considering doing BYOP since I love my phone. Not sure if you guys could let me bring a Samsung Galaxy 8 on Verizon. Please PM me.

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