<center>Going Global with Private Talk and Text</center>

Significant technological advancements over the past decade have allowed instantaneous information sharing of individuals and groups from regions the world over. All of those messages and calls, along with any related behaviors, images, hobbies, and relationships, are being used by social platforms to retarget products to you and your friends. Many of us are asking where privacy went.  We all dream of simpler days when you could make a phone call or send a text without worrying about a barrage of advertising related to your communications or the possibility of intrusions via hackers and data bots. 

Do you wish for the simplicity of making private international calls and sending private international text messages on a secure network?  Gen Mobile may be the perfect wireless carrier for you.  Gen Mobile’s philosophy is that your calls and texts should be secure, simple, and inexpensive. All this without sacrificing quality.  Although there are a variety of in phone apps that will allow you to communicate for free with friends and family using VOIP technology, that’s not very reliable and often results in static-filled frustrating calls. Also, VOIP is notoriously insecure.  So if you have something private to say, you should save it for a non-VOIP call.

If you want the comfort of directly calling or texting internationally from your phone without being forced onto a social media platform to do it, Gen Mobile is the right carrier for you. You can text with people worldwide from the U.S. for no extra charge.  And users have the flexibility to call over 100+ countries including UK, Canada, Korea, Mexico, China, Guatemala, and many more for no extra charge.  Gen Mobile international plans are perfect for students, ex-patriots, long and short term visitors and anyone that wants to be able to call friends or family in other countries. You want to call Mom in Mexico for two hours go ahead. Need to get that marshmallow recipe from big sis in China? No problem. Punch those digits!

When you’re looking for fast, friendly, private, and cheap Unlimited Global Calls and Texts, Gen Mobile delivers with its international plans starting at $15 per month.  We also offer phones for as low as $9. If you already have a phone, then bring it to us. We accept Sprint, Boost, Virgin, many Verizon, and unlocked universal phones into our network at no extra charge.  To check compatibility, chat us at genmobile.com.

In the end, our goal is to present a wireless experience that is like no other. One that provides you with what you want including secure calls and texts, amazing customer support, and quality reception.  Feel free to try our service for up to 7-days for free. 

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