Gen Mobile Joins the Fight Against COVID-19

To help homeless patients stay connected to their doctors, Gen Mobile has donated smartphones with prepaid wireless service to Bellevue Primary Care Safety Net Clinic in New York City.  Over the years, the clinic has been providing care to New York City’s homeless population. With many of the homeless going between shelters and living on the streets, it has been difficult for the clinic to stay in touch with its patients for care. 

Due to the pandemic’s initial outbreak in New York City, Bellevue Hospital has been at the front line of our nation’s battle against COVID-19.  Gen Mobile wanted to help battle the pandemic by keeping the clinic connected to its homeless patients, especially if any of them tested positive for COVID-19.  “Getting a hold of a patient that tests positive is essential to treating the patient and stopping the spread,” said Jennifer Lin, Gen Mobile’s Vice President of Marketing.

Gen Mobile firmly believes that by supporting each other in these challenging times, we will be able to defeat COVID-19 and bring back our nation stronger than ever.


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